All straw-necked ibis. Map produced as part of the EWKR Waterbirds Research

International River Symposium, Brisbane (18-20 September, 2017)

Would you like to learn more about the MDB EWKR research program and how it can benefit decision making about environmental flows? Then come and listen to EWKR presentations at the International River Symposium:

Dr Heather McGinness: preliminary results from monitoring of waterbird nesting colonies in 2015-16 and 2016-17 in the Murray-Darling Basin and a presentation and discussion about images from satellite GPS tracking of 20 straw-necked ibis that started in spring 2016.

Dr Nicole McCasker: the relationship between the recruitment of riverine fishes and flows, including a model synthesising how physiological, behavioural and life-history traits combine with flow to predict recruitment strength of riverine fishes.

Dr Darren Ryder: how hydrological regimes and environmental flows can influence spatial and temporal patterns of river and floodplain production in Murray–Darling Basin rivers; the transfer of energy in river-floodplain networks; and how to incorporate these into monitoring.

Helen Watts and Jessica Davison: how the communication and adoption of MDB EWKR research is working side by side to support planning Murray-Darling Basin environmental flows.

Please come and see us at the conference if you would like to discuss the research program. For conference details go to

Communications and Adoption Plan In May 2017

A plan setting out the communications and adoptions program for the following 12 months was approved by the Department of Environment and Energy in May 2017. The plans sets out when and how information and activities will be held for water managers and other stakeholders to share observations and findings from the EWKR research. Key activities include water manager workshops to be held in the latter part of 2017, presentations by scientists at the International River Symposium and Australian Limnology Society (both in September, 2017), a feature on EWKR in this year’s RipRap magazine (out in August) and a new Story Telling website, which will be made live in September. The Communications and Plan can be downloaded from the Resources page.

Updated Multi-Year and Annual Research Plans

A key element of the Murray-Darling Basin’s EWKR Project’s management is to regularly update the Research Plans that underpin effective delivery of the project and support communication on the project’s direction. The Research Plans were updated in June 2017 and will shortly be available to download from the Resources page.