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Research Portfolio 2013


A list of projects undertaken by MDFRC in 2013. For more information on any of these projects contact MDFRC.

Guidance to River Murray operations on water quality risks 2011-2012 (project 412)

Assessment of the response of aquatic taxa blackwater in the Southern Murray-Darling Basin (project 419)

Delivery of Introduction to Science for the Tertiary Enabling Program at La Trobe University Mildura (project 429)

Fish monitoring in Carrs, Cappitts and Bunberoo Creek system, Lower Murray Darling NSW (Spring 2012) (project 441)

Assessment  of fish movement in Sandilong Creek, Spring 2012 (project 440)

Improving capacity to manage blackwater in the southern Murray-Darling Basin (project 439)

Water Quality monitoring during the removal of the Mildura Weir (project 459)

Update of the MDFRC online bug guide (project 443)

Enhance the quality and value of MDFRC macroinvertebrate collection through application of genetic barcoding (project 444)

Integrated Pest Management (project 219)

Monitoring program for fish and vegetation communities in Kings Billabong 2011-2012 (project 401)

Long term implementation of the Commonwealth Monitoring Reporting and Improvement framework (project 435)

Investigating the influences of changes in the River Murray water quality monitoring program on future capacity to detect trends in water quality (project 445)

Broken River environmental flow study (project 437)

Improving the efficient use of environmental water (NERP) (project 424)

Environmental Water Scientific Advisory Panel (project 500.8)

Murray hardyhead conservation  in Victoria – population monitoring, translocation and captive breeding programs 2012-2013 (project 333)

2012-2013 Theogoa Lagoon lateral movement carp removal (project 460)

Integrated Ecological Condition Assessment - Pilot Study (IECA Phase One) (project 413)