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Staff skills development

  Staff skills development
Electrofishing training class photo (November 2013)

Electrofishing course 4 to 8 November, 2013

David Wood and Scott Huntley travelled to Narrandera, NSW to participate in the Principles and Techniques of Electrofishing course hosted by Rohan Rehwinkel from NSW Fisheries and conducted by Dr Alan Temple and Dr Jan Dean from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with help from Dr Jim Reynolds. The course was attended by four MDFRC staff members, many NSW fisheries team members and representatives from research centres and consultancies across Australia.

The course consisted of field based testing and operation of electrofishing equipment and was aimed at improving the skills required for succesful electrofishing surveys. There was an emphasis on being able to understand the finer points of the equipment to ensure fishing at greatest capacity and maximum success. The course allowed for testing of equipment for quality assurance and development of recording systems to improve results presentation.  After the course in Narrandera, at the invitation of Scott Huntley, both Alan and Jan visited Mildura to expolre the local river and wetland features and the flora and fauna. The contacts established through participation in the training are excellent for our MDFRC staff involved in electrofishing.