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Current Projects

The core business of the MDFRC is the generation of new scientific knowledge to support effective management of the Basin's ecology.  This knowledge is generated through long-term strategic research, short-term tactical research, synthesis of the best available science, monitoring and evaluation and knowledge exchange activities to promote adoption and active involvement in the management of the freshwater assets of the Basin.

Do consecutive watering events improve lignum condition and response to environmental water?

Tangled Lignum (Duma florulenta (Meisn.) T. M. Schust; formerly known as Muehlenbeckia florulenta Meisn.), hereafter referred to as Lignum, is a shrub that dominates large areas of arid floodplain in Australia and provides important structural habitat for birds, fish and other wildlife. Lignum condition is strongly affected by soil moisture and is highly dependent on flooding regimes. Therefore, changes in flooding regimes, particularly in the Murray–Darling Basin, threaten the survival of Lignum plants. The delivery of environmental water can assist in helping to restore the condition of these important floodplain plants and their associated communities. Understanding how and when to deliver environmental water to optimise Lignum condition is important for their ongoing survival.

Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research (MDB EWKR) Project

Research to support environmental watering: a collaborative approach in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Long Term Intervention Monitoring in the Murray-Darling Basin

Long Term Intervention Monitoring (LTIM) is a key element of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) response to the requirements of the Water Act 2007 and the MDBA’s Basin Plan. The LTIM aims to support improved decision making around the use of environmental water through the application of the principles of adaptive management, good governance and reporting.

Darling Anabranch Adaptive Management Monitoring Program 2014–2017

This project is a continuation of the first phase of the Darling Anabranch Adaptive Management Monitoring Program (DAAMMP), which was established as a ten year monitoring program to provide information to help guide decisions on the management of environmental flows and as part of the conditions of consent for the construction of the anabranch pipeline.

Movement of large bodied fish in response to water management at the Hattah Lakes

Movement of large bodied fish in response to water management at the Hattah Lakes

Fletchers Lake Reserve Management Plan

BMEET have been developing a management plan for Fletchers Lake Reserve. MDFRC Cultural Science Facilitator, Deborah Bogenhuber, has been working with BMEET to finalise the management plan, in particular the integration of science with existing cultural objectives and management actions for Fletchers Lake Reserve.

River Murray biological monitoring program

A macroinvertebrate monitoring program spanning over 30 years; a rare example of a long term ecological data set.

Southern pygmy perch watering requirements study

A monitoring program to determine the watering requirements of floodplain populations of the southern pygmy perch, Nannoperca australis, in Barmah-Millewa Forest