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State of the Wetlands surveys

  State of the Wetlands surveys
Rare species recorded in Etiwanda wetland (top to bottom) Baldoo (Atriplex lindleyi subsp. conduplicata), Smooth Minuria (Minuria integerrima), Poverty Bush (Sclerolaena intricata).

Full Title

Etiwanda, Bob Corbould and South Mildura Wetlands ‘State of the Wetlands’ surveys: Autumn 2014

Contact Person 

Deb Bogenhuber

Funding Bodies

Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) 


The first ‘State of the Wetlands’ survey was carried out in 2012; this 2014 project repeats plant surveys at two MRCC managed urban, constructed wetlands: Etiwanda and Bob Corbould. An additional managed wetland, South Mildura, will also be included, yielding a baseline plant survey. Also new in 2014 is the inclusion of aquatic fauna surveys at two of the wetland sites (Etiwanda and South Mildura), to establish a baseline data set for fish, yabbies and turtles inhabiting these urban wetland systems. The project includes the following components:

  • plant survey – highlighting key beneficial species and those to watch out for (good and bad)
  • weed survey – highlighting problem areas as well as specific problem weeds (actual and potential)
  • repeat photos at established photo points at Etiwanda and Bob Corbould wetlands
  • establishment of recurring photo points at South Mildura wetland
  • aquatic fauna surveys at Etiwanda and South Mildura wetlands
  • water quality data collection at Etiwanda and SOuth Mildura wetlands.

The aim of this project is to guide management of constructed wetland vegetation and waterways by identifying areas of significant native species (e.g. threatened or poorly known plants and aquatic animals) and areas of noxious and other problem weed or aquatic fauna species.


  • Understanding of the status of Mildura’s Council-managed wetlands in terms of vegetation community composition and structure.
  • Recommendations for increasing the health of Mildura’s Council-managed wetlands in terms of vegetation community composition and structure.
  • Baseline data sets regarding the diversity and relative abundance of aquatic fauna (fish, yabbies and turtles) and water quality in the Etiwanda Wetlands complex and three managed stormwater wetland located in south Mildura, Victoria.