Come and check out all the latest stories and articles about the research being undertaken as part of Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Watering Knowledge and Research project.
You’ll also find a new video about the vegetation mesocosm experiments that were conducted at Wonga Wetlands earlier this year.

Click here to watch:  Giving woody seedlings a fighting start


Straw-necked ibis sightings Wanted










International River Symposium in Brisbane in September 2017











EWKR presenters from right to left Jessica Davison, Helen Watts (Consultant), Heather McGinness (Waterbirds theme coordinator) and Nicole McCasker (Fish theme) with John Koehn (Fish theme article in RipRap).

Australian Society Limnology Conference (24-29 September 2017)
MDB EWKR presentations are as follows:

• Ben Gawne: Challenges associated with the adaptive management of environmental flows in the MDB
• Paul McInerney: Flooding drives a macroinvertebrate biomass boom in ephemeral floodplain wetlands
• Darren Ryder: Food web responses to hydrologic regimes in floodplain rivers
• Nick Bond: Quantifying the effects of altered hydrology and food-web structure on ecosystem carrying capacity in a floodplain river
• Heather McGinness: Waterbird recruitment and movement: Responses to flooding, stressors and threats.
Please come and see us at the conferences if you would like to discuss the research program.

Vegetation workshop held in Mildura (29th and 30th August 2017)
The vegetation theme held a workshop in Mildura last week. Researchers travelled from all over Australia to review project progress so far and plan the next phase from both a research and communication perspective.

The meeting hosted by the Murray–Darling Freshwater Research Centre (MDFRC) and included representatives of Griffith University, James Cook University, University of Canberra, Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (ARI), South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW OEH), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) as well as a member of the MDB EWKR Scientific Advisory Group.

The research team are aiming to generate new knowledge about vegetation responses through a range of collaborate research projects that include developing frameworks, analysis of existing data, field surveys, and experimental trials.

Vegetation workshop participants from left to right: Dr Kay Morris (ARI), Dr Daryl Nielsen (MDFRC), Cherie Campbell (MDFRC), Dr Susan Gehrig (MDFRC), Rachael Thomas (OEH), Dr Sam Capon (Griffith Uni), Dr Cassie James (James Cook Uni) Dr Jason Nicol (SARDI)












Communications and Adoption Plan (approved May 2017)
A plan setting out the communications and adoptions program for the following 12 months was approved by the Department of Environment and Energy in May 2017. The plans sets out when and how information and activities will be held for water managers and other stakeholders to share observations and findings from the EWKR research. Key activities include water manager workshops to be held in the latter part of 2017, presentations by scientists at the International River Symposium and Australian Limnology Society (both in September, 2017), a feature on EWKR in this year’s RipRap magazine (out in September) and a new Story Telling website, which will be made live also in September. The Communications and Adoption Plan can be downloaded from the Resources page.