Project sites

Project sites

Research sites

Through extensive consultation, fifteen potential research sites across the Murray–Darling Basin were evaluated using these criteria:

  • Environmental significance (Basin-wide value; national and international value, such as Ramsar listings)
  • Extent of existing data and knowledge
  • Alignment with current and future monitoring programs
  • Geographic spread.

The following four Project Sites were selected:

The on-site research undertaken by EWKR teams in these four sites will help us to evaluate how different places respond to environmental flows across the Basin. Understanding these variations will enable managers to develop more informed programs that are tailored to different areas of the Basin.

The extent to which each site is used will depend on the specific research questions developed for each theme. Not all priority research topics can be explored at all four project sites, for example, some sites may not contain the target environmental characteristics or may lack existing information to enable the proposed research. The on-site research is being complemented by laboratory experiments or data analysis that is not confined to the boundaries of the four sites.

More detailed information about the project site selection process, go to Selection of Priority Research Questions and Research Sites. Exact sample locations are not provided on this website but if you would like more details, please contact the Theme Coordinators.



The Lower Murray

The Lower Murray - centred around the Chowilla-Lindsay-Wallpolla Floodplain and potentially including adjacent areas

The Upper Murray

The Upper Murray - centred around Barmah-Millewa Forest and potentially including adjacent areas

The Macquarie Marshes

The Macquarie Marshes

The Lower Balonne

The Lower Balonne floodplain, including Narran Lakes