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We deliver our science in a variety of formats, for a variety of audiences. Use the tabs on this page to search our electronic publications library (for a wide selection of our technical reports and journal articles), online tools, annual reports, academic publications lists, factsheets, newsletters and youtube clips. For media releases visit the News page, and for regular updates, follow us on twitter @MuDFReaCK.

Synethised knowledge, from a variety of papers and reports on a similiar topic is published in technical reports.  Our scientists present their work at client seminars, MDFRC seminars and workshops and at national and international conferences.

Our multi-disciplinary team generates new ecological knowledge to improve managers' capacity to:

  • Develop appropriate objectives and set meaninful, quantifiable targets
  • Assess the condition of water dependent ecosystems
  • Design interventions to achieve targets
  • Design monitoring programs to evaluate the outcomes of management intervention
  • Evaluate environmental outcomes and modify system understanding to help design of interventions.

 Identification Guides are available from