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Are you looking for a quick snapshot of current knowledge on a freshwater ecology topic?

MDFRC fact sheets are written in easy to understand, non scientific language.


The Aquatic Invertebrates of Australia (AIA) DNA database

The Aquatic Invertebrates of Australia (AIA) DNA database  

Introducing MDFRC: factsheet

A brief history and introduction to The Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre

Blackwater: Floods, carbon and prolonged hypoxia in a major river system

Post-drought flooding in the southern Murray-Darling Basin, Australia, during spring and summer 2010–2011 caused a severe and prolonged hypoxic blackwater event that affected the lowland reaches of almost all rivers in the region and led to extensive fish kills.

Red Water Fern (Azolla)

Azolla is a small floating aquatic fern with an amazing capacity for growth. It can often be seen blanketing dams and wetlands. What causes the spread of Azolla? Is Azolla harmful? How can Azolla be controlled?

Impacts of sulfidic sediments on inland wetlands

The aim of this study was to determine whether reversing the impacts of sulfidic sediments and improving water quality could potentially result in the restoration of viable zooplankton and aquatic plant communities in such wetlands.

How does the endangered purple-spotted gudgeon cope with drought?

The purple-spotted gudgeon, Mogurnda adspersa, is a small freshwater gudgeon that may inhabit running and still waters within the Murray-Darling Basin.

Re-evaluating the threatened Alpine and Mount Stirling stonefly species

The endemic stonefly genus Thaumatoperla is iconic and unique to the Victorian alpine areas and one of the top predators in alpine streams. Two of the species T. alpina (Bogong High Plains) and T. flaveola (Mt Buller-Mt Stirling) are listed on the FFG Act 1988 with T. alpina also listed as endangered on the EPBC Act 1999.

Carp tagging

Tagged fish are part of the Hattah Lakes Acoustic Tracking project which tracks Carp to investigate behaviour in response to changes in water level.

DNA barcoding: aquatic macroinvertebrates

DNA barcoding: aquatic macroinvertebrates

Managing blackwater

Tools to adaptively manage blackwater

Understanding environmental watering

A close look at the benefits of flooding and some key findings

Foodwebs: links between carbon, oxygen and zooplankton

Foodwebs: links between carbon, oxygen and zooplankton