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Red Water Fern (Azolla)

  Red Water Fern (Azolla)

Azolla is a small floating aquatic fern, there are two species native to Australia. This plant has an amazing ability to double its area in two or three days if conditions are optimal.  Azolla is rich in nitrogen along with other vitamins and minerals.

Azolla is not harmful to people or animals that drink the water, bathe in it or consume the plants.

However the plant can form a dense carpet which may block oxygen and sunlight reaching aquatic plants, fish, and other aquatic wildlife.

Azolla will not effect water quality, however in extreme events when a large amount of Azolla dies rapidly and sinks to the bottom, excessive nutrients are added to the water body, and water quality can be effected. 

Azolla is used in water treatment plants to consume excess nutrients and can be an excellent fertiliser.

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