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Services and capabilities

Services and capabilities

MDFRC generates knowledge to aid in the protection and improvement of the health of rivers, floodplains, wetlands and water storages in the Murray Darling Basin. 

We deliver: 

  1. ecological advice and solutions that optimise the outcomes from management interventions
  2. support in the design, assessment and review of approaches to aquatic ecosystem management
  3. credible science to Murray-Darling Basin communities
  4. research projects on diverse aspects of freshwater ecology, including; environmental flows in rivers and wetlands; the effects of salinity; wetland acidification, rehabilitation, microbial, fish, vegetation and invertebrate ecology
  5. specialised environmental and water quality testing capabilities
  6. a strong teaching role and capacity, ranging from support for PhD and Honours degrees through to an extensive program of school events and tertiary education programs.

Ecological advice and solutions

The core business of the MDFRC is the generation of scientific advice - fundamental freshwater ecological knowledge - to support effective sustainable management of the ecology of the Basin. This knowledge is generated through both long-term and short-term research projects and active involvement in the adaptive management of the freshwater, environmental assets of the Basin. MDFRC research focuses on developing an understanding of freshwater ecosystem function in the highly variable and geographically dispersed systems of the Basin. Central to the role of the MDFRC is that it provides long-term research and has already developed monitoring systems and science over a considerable timeframe.

Design, assess and evaluate

The scientific research undertaken by the MDFRC is designed to generate fundamental ecological knowledge and synthesise system understanding.

Short and long term research projects

Short and long term research projects

Laboratory analysis

Our NATA accredited chemistry laboratory provides specialised environmental and water quality testing services.